The Weekend of Wiggly: A glimpse of what could have been.


As far as NALC’s debuts go, they don’t get much better than the weekend Wiggly was able to put together. Wiggly played two relatively mistake free games. Yet, still manged to stay proactive making aggressive plays across the map. His presence seemed to rejuvenate a team that was in the midst of an 8 game losing streak. The team seemed to have a renewed swagger that was evident in the fountain dive at the end of the Clutch game. Wiggly went 5-0-6 and 6-1-4 respectively winning both sides of the Graves – Trundle match up. What was surprising was Wiggly looked as good if not better than Reignover in the early game. Which was the one segment of the game which Reignover still was able to excel.

This was most evident in the Golden Guardian match where a well placed Trundle Pillar in a early gank attempt top lane, allowed Wiggly to pick first blood on Lourlo ‘s Gnar.  Wiggly then stayed around to help push Lourlo off turret again, after his back. Gaining a large CS and experience advantage for Darshan in the top lane. Then at the 5:40 mark Wiggly pillars in onto Matt even as Contract attempting a counter gank. Wiggly picks up the kill on Matt and then body block for Biofrost as Contracts greeds in for the kill. Stalling long enough to allow Stixxay to come in and clean up the kill onto Contracts for the 2-0.  The win for the bottom lame is followed up almost immediately, as at the 8 min mark a counter gank from Wiggly helps Huhi to pick up a kill onto Contractz granting him a double buff.  At this point wiggly has created advantages for all three of his laners pre 10 minutes. After that Darshan is picked off in the top lane and both Huhi and Wiggly are late on the roam. Contractz continues the pressure with a gank onto Huhi that results in a kill but leaves himself overextended. Biofrost and Wiggly are able to turn the play into a 2 for 1 with the help of a well placed Gangplank ultimate from Darshan.

This sequence of events was an impressive display of both team play and map awareness from a player that was making his NALCS debut. But was also a clear signal that CLG is able to continue its dominance in the early game without Reignover. All of this must be taken with a grain of salt. Golden Guardians and Clutch Gaming were the two bottom seeded teams.  While Clutch does have a chance at Gauntlet, due to their success in the spring split. Neither had any homes of making playoffs coming into the weekend. But one does have to wonder if Wiggly could have possibly be brought in to bring an infusion of energy to the team earlier on into the season ending 8 game losing streak. Especially since a few more wins would have left CLG right in the midst of the playoff hunt.

Wiggly performance this weekend was fantastic and showed he could stay composed and perform at a NALCS level. I feel that after the season has has put together in the academy league and his impressive weekend have earned him consideration for a spot on a LCS   team and I wouldn’t mind if he was given a chance to earn his spot on this team. However, as good as the roster looked on Sunday. One must remember that CLG’s main probable is a lack of effective shot calling. I think it would be a lot to expect for Wiggly to come in and be that voice right away. With the performance of the team this year all players on the roster must be evaluated. With what seems like the inevitable departure of Reignover the team will have 2 available import slots. If CLG are gonna bounce back and return to a top LCS team. They will have to find a way to get much more value out of their import slots then they did this year. Thus its imperative that CLG management are able to identify the root causes of the teams issues and bring in players who are not only world class but can work around the players who they have identified as their core. At the moment there are way more questions then answers surrounding  the CLG roster, luckily management has a very long off-season to piece the puzzle together. They need to take their time and hit on all their moves this off-season as a brand as mighty as CLG can’t justify starting out the franchising era with two straight dismal seasons. Funny enough at a time like this all the CLG fan base can do is have Faith.

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