Juicy Unreported League News Incomming: per Markz on Hotline League


I noticed an interesting tidbit during the most recent episode of hotline league, which features a guest appearance by former CLG coach Zikz. All of yesterday I monitored reddit and other sources of league information. However, there seems to be little to no speculation on the matter. For thoes of you have not watched the episode in question I will offer a quick synopsis. But I urge you to watch and form your own opinion. Mark throughout the show states that he want to discuss CLG and the team’s that didn’t make playoffs. Eventhough the whole episode is about CLG. He goes on to state that there is some juicy information about the team’s that are already limited. For some strange reason the due decided to save the discussion for the end of the stream, even though Mark previously stated he had time constraints.

I was ready to pass this off as trolling or a plug for next week’s episode, until at the very end of the stream when Mark again teases the juicy Zikz responds by implying that by next week the information would be public knowledge. Zikz knowledge of what make was hinting at implies that there is gossip that the insiders are not ready to release to the public. The real question is what could possibly be happening with eliminated teams in the weeks before playoffs and why the need to keep it a secret? Professional sport leagues often request teams hold back big moves during playoffs, so as to not disrract attention from the teams contending.

My first thought was Mark was referring to some juicy upcoming roster moves. However; I find it unlikely as the trend lately has been for league players to take to reddit and Twitter, upon being released from there organization. Zikz comment is the main clue the fact that the information is likely to come out within the week hints at something that’s in the works, but is not yet finalized.

The most puzzling moment came from when I mishear and though Travis hinted that the announcement could be akwark for Kelby, a semi regular guest off the show. Now Travis actually said Kobe but lets get the speculation train going and get the Kelby to CLG rumors going. Now I may be off base with all of this, but the fun is in speculation. So I look forward to hear if anyone has any interesting insight or ideas on what Mark was referring to?




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